Why Study in Germany

Why study in Germany?

Germany is the most popular and perfect destination for completing higher education. Considering the stats of the recent years, Germany is becoming a magnet for imparting education to international students from all over the world. Studying in Germany doesn't only hold good value because of its better education system but also because it has a rich and complex history, an invigorating culture and fun loving people. This significantly is something every student looks forward to in a new country. So, Germany is one of the ideal countries when it comes to studying abroad. Germany being a very diverse country with very keen and helpful citizens, helps the students to increase intellectual knowledge as well as develops their personality.

Still not convinced? Here are few facts that would make things more clear for you as to why you should study in Germany -

Degrees are recognized worldwide - it is quite true that German education system and degrees are well recognized globally. As technology and inventions taking place almost every other day, German education system mainly focuses on the latest technology and engineering. They value not just the written material and theory but also firmly believe in the art of practice. Therefore, German institutions emphasize on the student's practical skills along with their theoretical studies.

Quality and Advanced education system - Germany has more than 400 higher education institutions, which offer both graduate and postgraduate programs for international students as per their interests, subjects and type of study. These institutions can be divided into following three categories, and they offer a wide range of possibilities for the students to choose from.

  • Technical universities or Hochschule, as German defines it.
  • Colleges of fine arts, film, and music
  • Universities of applied social sciences and humanities
Potential gets exposure – When you study in Germany, you get opportunity of making the most out of yourself. You get chance to develop your personal skills and intellectual abilities and also reach up to your maximum potential level. Here, you will be able to surround yourself with the required determination, commitment and motivation, not just during your studies but also after studies.

Tuition fees in Germany is affordable - Public universities in Germany do not charge tuition fees for Bachelor and Master program, especially when any student wants to pursue a Master's degree that focuses on a different subject than the one studied as a Bachelor course. For most German universities being public, you got to only pay an administration fee which usually costs around 100 - 200 EUR/year. This fee includes the services given to Student by the university Organization and student’s enrollment.

Safe and secure environment - These days safe environment is the most considerable factor in choosing a foreign education destination. Germany is quite safe and you can stay far away from any such type of fear. German cops has always been found ready to help international students. There is no barrier to freedom, you can move freely anytime and anywhere.

Affordable living in Germany - Living in Germany is quite affordable and cheaper than other European countries for an international student. As a student in Germany, you would have to pay less than 100 EUR/month on food. There are many affordable supermarkets that one can easily find around the country.

Explore new culture and language - Benefits of studying in Germany isn't constrained to high-quality education system and others mentioned above, but it helps a person to be more socialized and culturally active. The rules and regulations are very different if compared to other European countries, you get to explore many new things and gain unforgettable experience for life. You get opportunity of learning German as a new language, and undoubtedly, knowing a foreign language looks great on your resume.

Work after study in Germany - Government of Germany allows an international student to settle in the country after completing their PG study. A large number of international students stay back after completing their post-graduation and pursue work after completing their studies in Germany. This helps them recover what they invested on their studies and also live a well settled life with handsome salary.