Why Migrate to Canada

Why Migrate to Canada?

Since many years, Canada has been accepting several number of applications for Canadian Permanent Residents Visa each year. In one of the recent reports, it was revealed that Canada is one of the best abroad places to live, work and settle. 

The Canadian government is continuously updating their Immigration programs to ensure that immigrating to Canada becomes successful for all the aspirants. Currently, there are 60+ programs available for immigrating to Canada. And this definitely makes the overall immigration process for Canada a lot easier.

There are multiple categories for all the skilled professionals under which you might qualify for your Canadian Permanent Residents visa, which also includes the Provincial Nominee Programs, the Federal and Quebec Skilled Worker programs, the Quebec Experience Class, the Canadian Experience Class and the Federal Self-Employed program. People planning to migrate to Canada can also go for Family Class Sponsorship programs, in which the Canadian citizens and permanent residents can sponsor family members for immigrating to Canada. 

Immigrating to Canada

Canada immigration basically gives you the right to work and live at your desired location with in the country. Canadian permanent residents possess the rights to many social benefits such as state health care coverage, live, work or study anywhere in Canada, apply for Canadian citizenship, free public school education for children at minimal costs, protection under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Immigrants can also choose to migrate to Canada along with their family, including children and parents. With Canadian Permanent Residents visa, one can live and work in Canada for a period of three years, after that they can apply for Canadian Citizenship. With proper planning prior to arriving, the new Canadian Permanent Residents can definitely reduce the Canadian taxes. If a person loses their jobs, a permanent resident gets up to $2000/- per month in the form of unemployment benefit. Also, low income residents are provided subsidized apartments by the government of Canada. 

LIVE AND WORK IN CANADA – There are multiple Immigration Programs to apply for Canadian Permanent Residents Visa through which you can live and work in Canada and CanApprove helps you in every possible way’s to choose the best Program for you. We ensure that you get qualified under the Program of choice and will advise on how to proceed further.


  • Federal Skilled Workers: Applicants can get established economically in Canada and are required to get qualified under a point system for this program.
  • Provincial Nomination Program (PNP): Provinces select applicants interested to live and work in Canada in that particular province.
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC): It is for international graduates and foreign workers who are temporarily staying in Canada and planning to become Canadian Permanent Residents. Canadian work experience and education play pivotal roles in this.
  • Family Sponsorship: If you are a Canadian permanent resident, you can sponsor a close relative from abroad such as your parent, spouse, partner, or a dependent child.
  • Business Class: It is for those investors or entrepreneurs who possess substantial net-worth and sound business skills to venture into overseas markets planning to invest in Canada for any particular business.

With the availability of such options, it becomes a lot easier to apply for a PR and live and work in Canada and have a fulfilling life and career over there. However, all applicants for PR must pass the security checks, background checks and meet all the medical requirements to become the permanent residents of Canada.

Transit’s Canada Immigration Services are well designed to assist you in following ways:

  • Assisting you in opting for the best immigration program to study, live and work in Canada.
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  • Successful Completion of your application for your immigration process for Canada at the earliest.
  • Be well compliant with all the rules and regulations regarding the application process pertaining to visa requirements and providing the relevant Canada Immigration Services.

Canada is a place which offers you with a multicultural environment, great companies to work for, world class education system, and numerous opportunities to have a fulfilling career ahead.

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