Study Visa Requirements

Basic Requirements for Getting Study Visa

Students are allowed to pursue their education in Canada either at primary, secondary or post-secondary institution. They can also study in a professional or vocational capacity. In order to make this happen, a student must enroll himself in a study program and the respective institution must have a place in Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) which is authorized by CIC. There are three categories by which a student can get his visa. They are, General, S.P.P and University. Study permit duration is equivalent to Course duration. Through a valid study permit, a student can live in Canada until his course completion. Students can also work for 20 hours while they are studying. They can also work full-time during semester breaks. Students must possess an acceptance letter from authorized universities to initiate visa process.

We will guide you of all process to apply a study permit in Canada.

First thing to do:

After getting an Acceptance letter from a recognized university, Visa counseling will be done.

Second thing to do:

We help you to gather, required documents to get visa. They are,

  • Fully filled visa application form
  • Letter of unconditional acceptance by the university in which he wants to pursue his study.
  • Documents related to a student’s Academics
  • Documents related to his financial status
  • Medical report which shows his current health status.
  • English language proficiency proof based on the program applied for.
  • If applicable, then Work experience related certificates.
  • Passport-sized photos
  • Passport
  • If applicable, a Scholarship letter
  • Authenticated Fees receipts
  • Qualification and transcript copies

Third thing to do:

Check all the rules and guidelines.

Fourth thing to do:

Submit your application through VFS Canada.

Final step:

Applicant will be enlightened about the decision over study permit application.


Our team makes visa lodging an ease to students and help them in every stage of application like college admission, visa submission until before departure.

You can call us to fructify your dream about studies in Canada.