Quebec MON projet

Quebec MON projet – News and Updates

  • Persons who wish to migrate to Quebec Under Quebec Skilled Worker Program, have to apply, to obtain a csq, through Quebec MON projet which is a secure online space used by Canadian province for immigration management system.
  • According to Quebec news, the maximum count of 10000 applications for csq, under regular skilled worker program have already been received, for the intake period of 1st April, 2016 to 31st March 2017. The maximum number of applications for the next intake period will be 5000.
  • Those candidates, who have a valid employment letter, approved by ministry or are residing in Quebec temporarily, if they are eligible to apply for csq, can apply anytime.

Quebec MON projet key facts

  • Only personal computers can be used to assess Quebec MON projet, no mobiles and tablets are allowed.
  • During high traffic periods, applicants who are assessing Quebec MON projet are kept in a virtual waiting room and placed in a line. The applicant can track their position on the line and find number of applicants waiting ahead of them.

Steps after accessing Quebec MON projet

  • Upon making an account on Quebec MON projet, candidates can fill up online applications for csq, make online payment, follow the status of online application. 
  • The candidates if required can make changes to applications and can access the services of personal electronic message.
  • The available other programs for which the candidates can apply
  • Experience program of Quebec
  • Workers on temporary basis
  • For studies, foreign students have to apply for Quebec acceptance certificate.
  • People in business, which includes self employed workers, entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Clientless and refugees
  • Sponsored persons and their sponsors

Future implementations

  • There will be some changes in Quebec Skilled Worker Program as planned by Quebec Ministry of immigration
  • As per the proposed system the candidates can express interest to the government
  • The government will use ranking system, on priority basis, to issue applications for permanent residence. The selection of candidates is done based on labour market demands of Quebec.
  • Other than 10000 applications, received under Quebec Skilled Worker Program through Quebec MON projet, another 2800 new applications will be approved by government of Quebec. The intake count for the period of 2017 to 2019 will be increased.
  • Quebec requires skilled workers across various industries due to its aging population.
  • Various schemes like cultural immigration schemes have been proposed for new immigrants.
  • The candidates, who were unable to submit applications during intake period of August 16, need not worry. Many documents which were prepared for immigration program of Canada have been extended by federal and Quebec government.

Added information    

  • Quebec MON projet fees and processing time depends upon program, you choose. The processing time will be reduced gradually with the new system.
  • You can clear your queries on Quebec MON projet forums, created for your convenience.
  • Once your application is processed ministry will send you the document list required on your Quebec MON projet account.