Quebec Migration Point System

Quebec Migration Point System

Quebec is a French speaking province of Canada which prides themselves in having their own music, culture, language, cuisine and immigration policy distinct from the rest of the Canadian provinces. Canadian Government and Quebec province have special agreement on immigration policy for those who wants to immigrate in Quebec province.

Basic requirements

For immigration of applicant and their families, the first step is to obtain CSQ( Quebec selection certificate). Once you are selected your next step will be to obtain permanent residence by Canadian federal immigration authority. This authority mainly focuses on security and medical background checks of the applicants for which documents in relation to these are required.

CSQ is the most important process to settle in Quebec but it does not guarantee your permanent visa which is granted by Canadian government without which you can not settle in Quebec province of Canada.

CSQ is issued by MIDI( Ministry of immigration, diversity and inclusion). Mon projet Quebec is the secure online route under regular skilled worker program, which is mandatory. You need to make an account on Mon project Quebec to submit an application to secure CSQ.By creating an account, you can complete application form, make online payment, make changes to the application, check application status through this account.

The maximum number of applications received is 5000 under this program for CSQ for the next intake period. Apart from Mon project under skilled Quebec immigration workers program there are several other programs through which one can apply for. They are

  • Quebec business immigration 
  • Quebec experience program
Each program has their own set of requirements and criteria Though there are some specific criteria for each set of programs, there are some general criteria factors also upon which selection evaluations are done.

The selection factors

There are several factors on which points are awarded under point system but for which an applicant needs to fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria score to obtain immigration.

These factors are:

Education: Your diplomas obtained till the time of applying should be considered for point system.

You should be above 17 years of age at the time of applying.

Language skills: your knowledge of French and English should be exemplary.

Work experience: Candidate must have part time, full time work experience, internship or some level of training or some specialization relevant to their education.

Yours stays in Quebec or family relationship with a permanent Canadian or Quebec citizen.

Characteristics regarding your accompanying spouse or common-law spouse.

Age of children under 19 accompanying you.

Financial self sufficiency: It means your ability to sustain yourself and your family financially for at least 3 months in Quebec.

Language proficiency: skills are given the highest points and a valid employment offer from a Quebec employer can add up your points.

Single applicants must score a minimum of 50 points and applications with partners must score 59 points.

It's not required of you to qualify each given factor criteria provided you have secured minimum overall qualifying points for CSQ.

Various immigration categories for cubic immigrants have different processing fees which is applicable from 1st January 2017.

Under Quebec immigrant investor program Quebec will accept a maximum of 1900 applicants out of which a maximum of 1330 applicants should be from China, Hong Kong and Macau and the rest 570 from other countries.