PEQ – Temporary Foreign Workers

PEQ - Temporary Foreign Workers

The Temporary Foreign Worker PEG program is basically a category which comes under the Quebec’s Experienced Class program. This basically means that this program is especially for the people who have spent some time in Quebec, but this category is especially for those who have actually worked for a year or more in Quebec before, and now seek to look for a permanent job and residence in the province. This program also looks forward to welcome everyone who seems to have a reasonable amount of experience with French speaking. However, no interview is required for this program to take place, and the characteristics of your spouse are not taken into consideration. You will be entitled with a CSQ if you possess a post graduation work permit.

When are you eligible?

There are certain conditions which need to be fulfilled, only after which you will be eligible to apply for this program of Temporary Foreign Worker PEG. The first and the most important one is that you should be willing to settle down in Quebec for the rest of your life and work there. You should have worked in the past in Quebec, with the sole goal being working, and you should’ve worked at a managerial or professional post for a year or two at least. You should have worked under a skilled worker program legally. The job or occupation that you want to go for should be listed in the list of occupations issued by Quebec. Knowledge of French is also very important when it comes to applying for Quebec. And the person should at least be financially stable to manage his own expenditures, along with the expenditures of his wife and dependent sons.

The best time to apply?

A skilled worker who has been temporarily residing in Quebec must wait for at least 12 months and work full time in that period before applying for Temporary Foreign Worker PEG program. The job that the applicant has been doing in this period must be either a managerial, technical or professional job, and it should be definitely listed in the National list of the occupations. It is also to be made sure that the 12 months you worked in Quebec should have ended 24 months or less before your application goes in, not more time than this. While applying under this Temporary Foreign Worker PEG Program, you should also be having a paid job so that they know that you are still able to manage your expenditures.

Are language skills important?

What they look for is productivity when they select a person to work for the economy of the province. However, the population will never be able to be productive if they aren’t eligible with each other. This is why it is important for the applicant to have thorough knowledge of French, and should have great skill while speaking French orally.

It is important for you to provide a diploma for having successfully completed a course in French along with all of your other things; so that there is proof that you have enough knowledge of French. This way an applicant can also get higher on the list of applicants under the Temporary Foreign Worker PEG Program.