Higher Education in Germany

Higher Education in Germany   

These days Germany has become a prominent destination for international students. Total 13% international students of Germany’s student body migrate from abroad. Germany is a land of ideas and inventions. Clearly, this is the reason that in the ongoing technical era, its education system holds such valuable reputation. In Germany, education is free, you don’t need to pay any education fee.  A student has to pay only small amount as administration and registration fees. Germany has many well recognized and ranked universities, which are one out of top hundred World’s best universities. These universities cater the latest needs of education and make student specialized in a particular stream. These universities offer courses in all streams for degrees in bachelor, master, and doctorate.

Moreover, Germany is home to state-run universities, private universities, and cooperative universities. This often helps a student to study as per their suitable schedule like full-time or part-time. One more important thing about Germany is that it has a rich and complex history of its culture, education, economy and so on. This factor is most important, which always tempts international students to migrate to Germany.

The advantage to studying in Germany:-

  • Having a German university degree leads to great employment chances. German degrees are considered well reputed.
  • Courses are taught in both German and English languages.
  • Students can pursue their job while studying.
  • The free education system and offer scholarship along with a well-recognized degree.

Bachelor degree in German

Germany is a popular destination for international students, who seek a bachelor’s degree. German Universities are well prominent for the excellent education in the field of engineering, information technology, medical and so on. Bachelor programs are usually of three to four years duration. One year consists of two semesters. It is the first level academic degree that can be achieved especially at a university or at a higher education institute.

German universities have a variety of Bachelor programs. Students can choose from them according to their desired choices and aim in life. Some of the Bachelor programs in Germany are from international relations, business, engineering, economics, and hospitality.

Bachelor degrees in art stream in Germany:- B.A. in International Event & Marketing Management, B.A. in International Management – Accounting and Finance, B.A. Audio Design, B.A. in International Economics, B.A. (Hons) Marketing, B.A. Graphic Design, Management in International Business, BA in Sign Language Interpreting, B.A. in Fashion Design and so on.

Bachelor degrees in science – BSc in International Relations and Diplomacy, BSc in Psychology,  Economics, Computer Science, BScin International Management (Hons), and so on. These programs are mainly designed to understand the aspects of science.

Business Administration related bachelor degrees- Bachelor of Business Administration, Part-Time Bachelor Of Business Administration With Tourism And Event Management, Business Administration in Gastronomy Management, Business Administration in Marketing Communications and Public Relations, Business Administration in Hotel and Tourism Management. These programs are designed to understand the aspects of Business management.

Master degrees in German

A master degree is the second phase of higher education. Bachelor degree is essential for having a master course. Germany is a quite reliable country to seek a master degree. It helps international students get good exposure because of it being a strong economy and diverse cultural background across Europe. Education is free for master students too and many universities offer scholarships as well.  Germany is famous for its teaching versatility and almost all the courses are taught in both German and English language.

German universities have total top 169 programs for 2018 from the stream of arts and sciences.

Master of Arts programs in German- Master of Arts in International Brand Management, M.A. Business Management, Responsible Management – Impact Entrepreneurship, and Innovation, Arts in International Economics, Business & Cultural Diplomacy, and International Management.

Master of Science – M.Sc. International Marketing, Grenoble Marketing Management, M.Sc. Computer Science, Master of Finance, Master in Management, Computer Simulation in Science, Master Clinical Psychology, and Psychotherapy, Computational Life Science.

Doctorate program in Germany

Pursuing a Doctorate degree in German is again free of cost. A Ph.D. degree can be achieved from various top level universities. Ph.D. requirements vary between universities, but generally, master’s degree is a must have. It can usually be completed in the time span of three to five years.

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