Australian Skilled Immigration

Australian Skilled Immigration

If Australia migration is your goal and aim, the Australian Skilled Immigration is definitely suited for you. Australian Skilled Immigration provides a wonderful opportunity for skilled job seekers to migrate to Australia. The Australian Skilled Immigration visas ensure that the people who migrate can work and live in Australia. Australian Skilled Immigration gives the best chances to people to develop their careers. Skilled Immigration is a type of Australian Immigration.

Australian Skilled Immigration enables the skilled candidates to utilize their talent, qualification, skills, work experience and knowledge to enhance their career. These inputs are considered to decide upon the eligibility of a potential candidate, according to the skilled immigration requirements. A permanent Australian citizenship is also provided by the immigration system. People who are wishing to begin their career in a developed nation, immigration to Australia ensures that the best opportunities are provided to them.

The candidates applying for the visas should check their eligibility with the use of the points based system when applying for Australian Skilled Immigration. The Australian immigration point’s calculator platform processes the visa applications on the basis of certain requirements such as the candidate’s academic qualifications, age, English language proficiency level, work experience and so on. These parameters are flexible and candidates with various different backgrounds, academic qualifications, age group are also considered. It has made Australia migration possible for a huge number of people throughout the world.

Immigration for Skilled Workers

There are various types of visas for skilled workers who are aiming for Australia migration:

  • Skilled Independent Visa If you want to apply for the Skill Independent visa, you should have a nominated occupation along with the letter of invitation.

  •  Skilled Nominated Visa If you want to apply for the Skill Nominated visa, you need to receive an invitation and you should submit an EOI before applying.

  •  Skilled Regional Nominated Visa If you want to apply for the Skilled Regional Nominated visa, you need to receive an invitation and you should submit an EOI before applying.

  • Visa Regional Sponsored Scheme (RSMS) This visa allows the skilled workers to work and live in specific regional areas of Australia for four years. If you are interested in applying for the Regional Sponsored Scheme Visa, you need to receive an invitation and you should submit an EOI before applying.
  • Visa Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) This visa ensures you to pursue a career in Australia in any of these three streams: Direct Entry, Agreement or the Temporary Residence Transition. This visa is a permanent residence visa for skilled workers.

Skilled Nomination Requirements

Before you apply for the State Nomination, ensure that you read through the nomination requirements and the document checklist:

1. Commitment to South Australia

  • State nomination is granted on the basis of the candidate’s commitment and interest in working and living in South Australia for at least two years since arrival.
  • After your arrival in South Australia on a General Skilled Migration visa:
    • Register your arrival online with the Immigration South Australia
    • Provide up to date contact details to Immigration SA during the initial two years in SA.
  •  If you are in Australia but not residing in South Australia, you are ineligible to apply for South Australian state nomination.
  • You should be under 45 years of age during the time of the nomination.
  • You should factor in the Immigration South Australia’s nomination process, since there are no fast tracking applications for concerns associated with age.
3. Skills Assessment
  •  You should possess a positive General Skilled Migration assessment from the relevant skills assessing authority for your nominated occupation.
  •  Photocopies of certificates in lieu of a positive skills assessment will not be accepted.
  •  Even if the qualification was obtained in Australia a positive General Skilled Migration skills assessment is required.
4. Work Experience
  •  You must possess at least a year of skilled work experience during the past three years, unless your occupation has a higher work experience requirement.
  • Skilled work experience is defined as at least 20 hours per week of paid employment in a skilled occupation on the Lists of State Nominated Occupations.
  • The skilled work experience does not need to be in your nominated occupation, unless your occupation requires additional work experience.
  • Skilled work experience is assessed after successful completion of the relevant qualification.
5. English Language
  • You should meet the English language level required for your nominated occupation.
  • The English language tests accepted by the Immigration SA are:
    • PTE Academic - Pearson Test of English Academic
    • IELTS - International English Language Test System
    • OET - Occupational English Test
    • TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language
    • CAE - Cambridge English: Advanced
  • The English Language test that you provide should be less than three years old at the time you apply for your visa.
6. Financial Capacity
  • You must ensure that you have sufficient financial capacity for settlement when you arrive in SA. Evidence of funds is not required. Immigration SA reserves the right to seek additional information or evidence at a later stage if necessary. The requirement depends on whether you are applying onshore or offshore. As a guideline,
  • when you arrive in South Australia, Immigration SA recommends that onshore applicants have $5,000 in cash and offshore applicants have $20,000 in cash for settlement. You should not dispose of any assets before the visa is granted.
7. Skill Select Expression Of Interest (EOI)
  •  For Immigration SA to approve your nomination in Skill Select you need to have an EOI which meets the DIBP criteria and Immigration SA requirements.
  • Your nominated occupation in your Immigration SA online application should match your EOI.
  • Your personal details in your EOI must be the same as your Immigration SA online application.
  • There must be no differences between the information recorded in your EOI and the information provided on your Immigration SA online application.