Australia Skilled 189 Visa

Introduction to the Skilled Independent Work Visa

The skilled independent 189 visa is the permanent resident work visa which makes a person eligible to work and reside in Australia. This visa is for the skilled person and no sponsorship is required by any state, territory, employer or any of the family members. With this 189 visa, a person becomes eligible to stay and work anywhere in Australia on a permanent basis. The applicant needs to clear a skill test to be eligible for the visa. A minimum of 60 points is required to clear the passing criteria. The applicants are chosen by the Australian employers on the basis of skills they possess.

Who Can Apply For The Skilled Independent Work 189 Visa?

All the candidates who are able to meet up the eligibility criteria and possess qualification which is in demand in the markets of Australia are the ones who are eligible for applying for the 189 visa category. All the candidates who are able to meet up the eligibility criteria and possess qualification which is in demand in the markets of Australia are the ones who are eligible for applying for the 189 visa category.

In case the candidate is looking to apply for this area, he or she must be able to:

  • Select out the occupation from the list of Australia STSOL
  • Submit out the EOI through the online process. This EOI can be submitted either when a person is in Australia or even from outside the Australia.
  • Once the invitation letter is received for applying for the 189 visa, the residency visa will be successfully received.

Benefits of Having Skilled Independent 189 Visa

Once a person has been granted the visa, there are lots of benefits that he or she can avail being a permanent resident of the Australia. Some of the major benefits of the 189 visa are as follows:
  •  He or she can stay in the Australia for the indefinite period of time.
  •  Can work and study wherever they want in the entire country.
  •  The kids will be provided free education in the whole country.
  •  The person and his or her family are eligible for the subsidized higher education.
  •  They can enroll in all the schemes of Australia like health-related or expenses and Medicare etc.
  •  They are applicable to apply for the citizenship of Australia.
  •  For the next 5 years from the date, a visa is granted, the person is eligible to travel to other countries from
  • Australia and from other countries to Australia.

Major Requirements for the Australia 189 Visa

Before applying for the Australia 189 visa, it is important that the applicant is meeting the eligibility criteria. Here are the few key requirements that make a person eligible to apply for it. Have a look at them below:
  •  The candidate must have received an invitation from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) to apply for the visa.
  • The age of the person must be between 18 to 49 years of age.
  •  He or she must be able to pass the skill assessment test as mentioned in the Australia STSOL list.
  •  He or she must score at least 60 points to pass the paper.
  •  There are certainly more aspects of the health criteria, character criteria and some other special return criteria which an applicant must fulfill.

Requirement of the Language

It is important to prove out that the applicant is proficient in English before he or she applies for the Visa 189. The applicant can give any of the English exams like the PTE, TOEFL and IELTS etc which are being accepted by the government of the Australia. The better the scores are, more will be the chances for clearing the eligibility criteria.

Steps To Apply For the Australian Skilled Independent 189 Visa

  •  The very first step is to make sure that the occupation the applicant is applying for must be present in the Australia STSOL Occupations list.
  •  Now, he or she needs to ensure that the eligibility criteria are fulfilled like age not greater than 49, good  proficiency in English, health requirements are met and ready to take up all the statement of Australian values.
  •  The applicant must be able to clear the skills assessment test in the next step.
  •  Next step is to submit the expression of interest through the Skill Select. The Skill Select will make general inquiries like educational background, abilities and skills etc. once you fulfill the terms, you will get an invitation to apply for the 189 visa.
  •  Once the ITA is received, apply for the work 189 visa.
  •  Wait for the few months till DIBP is able to make a decision.  As soon as the application is approved, the visa will be received and you can easily migrate to Australia.